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Río Marañón Rafting Expedition 

The Amazon River (Río Marañón) in the Andes offers the finest rafting trip in South America. Join our raft/kayak expedition as we paddle through the scenic and arid main Grand Canyon section, with fun class III-IV rapids, amazing side hikes, beautiful beach camps, friendly residents, and Incan ruins.

Tentative Itinerary

  • Day 0: Rendezvous in Trujillo; meet trip leader in the afternoon.

  • Day 1: Flight from Trujillo to Chagual. Rigging, safety and camp talk upon arrival. Possibly run Pumurgo (III-IV) before setting up camp.

Central Grand Canyon (Days 2-7)

The Central Grand Canyon Amazon section is class II-III with one class IV rapid. This section offers spectacular scenery, massive beach camps, friendly village visits, ruins, incredible narrows, and some fun rapids. One of the best aspects of this section is the spectacular scenery of the arid desert-like cactus-filled canyon, as well as many vertical walls rising directly from the riverbed. 

  • Day 2: Will run the Vijus, Hualango, Gansul rapids and will stop at Llaupuy for a side hike (Class III / ~30 km)

  • Day 3: Possible hike; lunch at Calemar; Río Choclo clear stream (Class II / ~20 km)

  • Day 4: Easy river day with beautiful scenery; camp near giant wall & falls of Muro Poso (Class II / ~20 km)

  • Day 5:  Muro Poso; hike Cangrejo and/or Sute ruins; Montevideo tombs; (camp by Llanten) (~28 km)

  • Day 6:  Rest Day. Hike to Llanten Narrows/Falls; Jecumbuy; possible Pachamanca traditional meal (0 km)

  • Day 7: Big rapids day. Llanten (III-IV) & Samosierra (IV); camp near Trapiche or Chacanto (Class IV / ~30 km)

Rio Marañón Map

Lower Grand Canyon (Days 8-14)

The Lower Grand Canyon Amazon section is class III-IV with rapids interspersed throughout its length. It is equivalent in difficulty to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, MF-Main Salmon, or Sun Kosi. The biggest rapids are El Choclón, Tupén Grande, San Lucas, Playa El Inca, Magdalena, and Linlín. The scenery of the Lower Grand Canyon Amazon is pleasant, starting out in a dry cactus-studded canyon. Side excursions include visits to abandoned pre-Incan overlooks, Incan tombs, narrows, the pueblos of Mendán or Tupén Grande, a huge cavern, and an intriguing series of swimming pools.

  • Day 8: Lunch at Balsas/Chacanto; possible cooler exchange/food resupply; visit Odebrecht office (Class III / ~30 km)

  • Day 9: Playa El Cura citadel hike; El Choclón (III-IV); Santa Rosa (III) (Class III / ~30 km)

  • Day 10: To Mendán or Tupén Grande; meet villagers; visit chacras; possible Pachamanca (Class III / ~30 km)

  • Day 11: San Lucas; Chadin II dam site; Playa El Inca; camp at/near Magdalena (Class III-IV / ~30 km)

  • Day 12: Rest Day. Hike Magdalena (layover is also possible Day11 or Day13)

  • Day 13: Magdalena; Linlín; Totora; Sauce; pools at Q.Agua Blanca (Class III-IV / ~30 km).

  • Day 14: Palaguas; Amazon Cavern; arrive Puerto Malleta by 1 pm; derig; ride to Bagua; hotel (Class III / 20 km).

We require 8 people minimum to confirm a rafting expedition and can bring maximum 16 passengers per expedition. Please contact us with any questions regarding the expedition logistics. 

Cost: $2800 per person 

Duration: 14 Days


  • Professional, bilingual rafting guides

  • Safety kayaker

  • Rafts and cargo boat

  • Meals and cooking Gear

  • Transportation by car to and from river put-ins / take-outs

Note Included:

  • Airplane flights

  • Personal paddling gear

  • Personal camping gear

  • Travel insurance

What to Bring:

Clothing and Paddling Items

  • Shorts and shirt (or swimsuit) to be worn while paddling

  • Paddle/Splash jacket*

  • PFD/Lifejacket  (must be type III or type V)*

  • Helmet (paddling type - WRSI may the best and most comfortable)*

  • Drybag (such as Bill's 2.2 DryBag or the NRS Duffel)​*

  • Water shoes (preferably amphibious type to wear on the river and hiking)

  • Hat and sunglasses (with retainer)

  • Water bottle (preferably with a carabiner to clip onto a raft)

  • Sunscreen, lip balm


  • Sprayskirt (if kayaking)*

  • Personal safety gear (if you are in charge of a raft or kayak, consider a throwbag/biner/pully, tow line, or flip line)*

Camp items 

  • Tent*

  • Sleeping pad/chair (e.g. Therm-a-rest mattress/chair)*

  • Sleeping bag (40-50 degree fahrenheit  bag is fine)

  • Basic camp clothing (shorts, light pants, light long-sleeve shirt, fleece/sweater, t-shirt, 3X underwear)

  • Camp shoes (these can be the same as your river shoes or a different dry shoe)

  • Headlamp (plus extra set of batteries)

  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, lotions, etc)

  • Special medicines (anti-fungal cream, anti-cold, antibiotics, anti-malarials)

  • Lighter/matches (remember to check it if flying)

  • Pocket-knife (remember to check it if flying)

  • Reading material/journal

  • Insect repellent (REPEL recommended; very important for comfort in camp on some trips)

*Rental Available 

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