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Founder of Kanuwa Rafting Jose Zeballos

My name is Jose Zeballos and I am originally from Moquegua, Perú. As a young man I came to Arequipa to study tourism. During my studies, nearly 10 years ago, I was introduced to rafting and immediately focused all my energy on the river and the art of navigating it. Since, I have traveled through Brazil and Chile to navigate rivers as a guide and safety kayaker. Eventually I made it all the way to the beautiful Patagonia where I trained in the Futaleufú River, a premier whitewater rafting river that is famous worldwide. There I decided to start Kanuwa Rafting here in Arequipa, Peru, where I was first introduced to the magic of the river. My goal is to offer safe, high-quality rafting tours and expeditions to travelers and locals. One day, I hope to lead rafting expeditions throughout Peru in un-navigated rivers, sharing the beauty of untouched nature with anyone who is looking for adventure. 

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