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Rafting Tours

Rio Chili

Rafting Rio Chili is safe, exciting and only 20 minutes from Arequipa's city center. We run a 6-7 kilometer section of  the river that runs through the beautiful Chilina Valley. This section offers Class II to III+ rapids and some excellent views of the Chachani and Misti volcanoes. You will spend approximately 1 hour 15 minutes in the water and no prior rafting experience is required!  

rafting majes 2.jpg

Rio Majes

The full day Rio Majes Tour is an exhilarating expedition into high white waters recommended for people with or without rafting experience. We run a 20-25 kilometer section of Class II to IV rapids that takes approximately 3 hours. You will see several different species of birds and may even spot some river otters along the way. Afterwards, you will experience the Majes Valley culture by eating the famous Majes river shrimp and exploring the Toro Muerto Petroglyphs.


Rio Urubamba

This full day rafting tour is the complete package. You will paddle Class II to III+ rapids in the Chuqui section of the Urubamba River for 2 hours. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Cusipata River Lodge complex where you will be served a hot lunch before having the opportunity to take a hot suana and/or zipline across the Urubamba River. 


Rio Maráñon 

The Amazon River (Río Marañon) in the Andes offers the finest raft-support trip in South America. Join our two week long raft/kayak expedition as we paddle through the scenic and arid main Grand Canyon section, with fun class III-IV rapids, amazing side hikes, beautiful beach camps, friendly residents, and Incan ruins. 


Rio Apurímac 

The rafting expedition on the Rio Apurímac is not for the faint of heart. The river offers technical, big rapids that will give you at least a few stories to tell. Apart from the incredible three days on the river, you will sleep on sandy beaches, eat delicious food prepared by your guides, swap stories around the camp fire and see some incredible wildlife (scorpions included!). Don't miss out on the expedition of a lifetime.

Day Tours (Outside of Arequipa) 

Kapua Waterfall

Getting to the Kapua Waterfall is an easy, beautiful hike along a stream that flows through a narrow canyon. The trailhead is only 2 hours away from Arequipa's city center and the hike itself is a 2 hour walk round trip. This full day tour is an excellent choice for families with young children or older family members. Also, it ends with a soak in the Yura thermal baths that leave you relaxed and ready for more fun. 


Paccha Waterfall

The Paccha Waterfall is a hidden gem, tucked away behind the Chachani and Misti volcanos. The trailhead is approximately two hours from Arequipa by car and the hike itself is moderately challenging with a steep descent to the falls. Once arriving to the pools at the base of the falls, we will eat lunch and sun bathe. You can even swim in the icy water or try your luck fishing for trout! 


Laguna Salinas

Coming soon...


Ruta de Sillar

Coming soon...

Multi-Day Trekking Tours

Colca Canyon Trek 2d/1N

This classic Colca Canyon trek is by far one of our most popular tours. The Colca Canyon is one of the deepest in the world and deserves all hype it has earned. The immense, cactus-studded canyon walls and the occasional Andean condor flying over head are unforgettable sights. You will trek a ~25km circuit of moderate difficulty due to the steep descent into the canyon on day one and the steep ascent back out of the canyon on day two. 


Colca Canyon Trek 3D/2N

This three day Colca canyon trek is essentially the same circuit as the two day trek listed above with an additional couple kilometers added on. This option is perfect for couples, friends or families looking to have a relaxing three days immersed in nature. Perhaps the biggest perk is the full day at the Oasis Palmeras Lodge where you can cool off in the pool, sun bathe or lay in a hammock all day.

Multi-Day Climbing Tours

Misti Volcano

Climbing the Misti Volcano is a challenging two-day climb up shale slopes. You will begin the climb at approximately 3,400 meters until arriving to the basecamp situated at 4,500 meters. Very early the following morning you will start the climb to the crater. You will hike over 1,000 meters each day in approximately 5-6 hours depending your pace.

chachani (1).jpg

Chachani Volcano

Climbing the Chachani Volcano is  less challenging in comparison to the Misti Volcano. The first day is a quick, nearly flat 2 hour hike to the basecamp situated at 5,200 meters. The following morning you will begin a ~1,000 meter climb that takes approximately 5-6 hours depending on your pace. 

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